Saturday, February 10, 2007

HTA Sampler at

HTA sampler demonstrting how to use:

  • Modal dialogs
  • Modeless dialogs
  • Per-line output formatting to an HTA form for displaying diagnostic messages
  • Use of "Popup" info boxes that display and disappear automatically.( like tooltips but better and dynamic)
  • Use of "callback" functions to communincate beween dialogs and an HTA.
  • Storing of XML data inside an HTA for later use.
  • Saving of teh partial contents as HTML by directly copying the comntents of controls to a file.  Useful for displaying and then saving reports without the need to reformat.
  • Numerous other small but useful DHTML techniques.

HTA as ZIP file with Readme: at

HTA Sampler source in a syntax highlighted we page:  HTASamplerSource (Viewable as web page if browser set to dsiplay based on content.  If it doesn't display as syntax highlighted then download and remove "TXT" extension and open in browser.  Highlighting is all done with HTML styles and will display correctly in all browsers.

Thank you to Steve Dunn's Windows Live Writer Code Formatter Plugin

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