Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back From a Long Vacation

After not posting for quite some time I felt that I should provide a little information on what has happened in case there may be one or more brae individuals who might be monitoring this all but dead blog.

Six months ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I have apparently had it for more than six years and was becoming progressively more debilitated.  Over those years I was hospitalized repeatedly but told that there was nothing wrong.  After my heart stopped a couple of times I still didn't have a diagnosis.

On each hospitalization I told the doctors that I was certain that I had an infection and I listed all of the symptoms.  They insist6ed I was imagining these things or that I might have a psych problem.  One doctor insisted that my symptoms were symptoms of heroin withdrawal and required that I be tested for drugs.   When the test came back negative he said there was nothing wrong with me and sent me home.

One smart doctor looked at me six months ago and said "I think you have Lyme disease".    I have been on antibiotics now for six months and am just starting to feel more normal.  For many months I could barely stand up.  This disease is one where the cure can be more devastating than the disease when you have had it for as long as I have. I hope I continue to regain my normal unlimited energy level although I don't expect to be "normal" for many more months.  At least I can sit at the keyboard for more than five minutes without nearly passing out.

For the next couple of months I will be playing catch-up wit the technology and forums. Hopefully, I will soon return to blogging on a more regular basis.

Here is a useful starting point or anyone interested in information on Lyme disease.  This is a very useful site to refer your doctor to.  Most doctors are very limited in their knowledge this disease.  older information about Lyme was incorrect and has downplayed it's seriousness.   The most difficult thing about diagnosing Lye is that it can mimic many other diseases and is very hard to get a reliable laboratory test.  Most test that are negative for Lyme are incorrect which is most often the case when the disease has been in the system for a long time.