Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Net 2.0 COM Visibilty Part II

Net 2.0 COM Visibilty Part I - The Idea

Net 2.0 COM Visibilty Part II - The Project

Net 2.0 COM Visibilty Part III - Hooking it all up (docs and stuff)

Net 2.0 COM Visibilty Part IV - Deploying

The Project

Here is a picture of the nearly final test harness to give you an idea of what we need to accomplish. Firast a little background.

I felt it was necessary to build a complete and user friendly test harness. This would allow users in teh "scripting" community to test and learn the use of a new object with a visual interface and at the same time give me a means to test this COM control in it's many forms. As long as I have to write the test code then why not make it part of teh deliverable. Scripters are, in most cases, not programmers. We shouldn't make them guess at how or utilities work. To accomplish this we need to provide good documentation and example coed that will work with no modifications. For this project this is quite easy to do. For projects that operate against a domain this can become more complicated than the utility itself.
Test Harness
The test harness has two initial buttons that let us do something to see if the COM control is registered properly. Then we have the ususal. A funny icon that performs an unknown function; our get me out-of-here "Quit" button and som "Help" A normal Windows Forms Application.

To drive the various flavors of 'Box" functions I have chosen to use a Tab control. This helps to arrange things in a highly visible fashion and eliminates the need for a menu. Each tab has controls for filling in the argument list for the function along with ReeadOnly controls for displaying the results.

<more to come>

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