Sunday, September 01, 2013

PowerShell Reporting With XML– Agenda


Demonstrate the following:

  • XML injection for XSLT
  • Simple XSLT creation.
  • Use of two or more XML files in a transform
  • Use of hierarchical XML in HTML layout
  • CSS 3 in XML/XSLT
  • Use of code libraries with XML (jscript and vbscript injected by XSLT)
  • Data conversion (to CSV or other proprietary formats)

The above may not be done in that order.  It will be a challenge to me to discover how to build an example of each that is short and clear.  I do not want to get into an XSLT tutorial but I do want to show that these things are not all that hard to do or learn.

XML has now been in use for more than 15 years.  Its adoption has been across all industries. XML is used in virtually all databases.  Learning XML is a technical “must” for many of us.  For the basic Network or desktop Admin XML familiarity is required although an in-depth knowledge is optional.

What I hope to accomplish here is to make XML/XSLT more accessible to all users of PowerShell by showing that it can be used in a very simple form.  I also hope to point the way for more accomplished technicians who may have a need to use the more technical aspects of XML such as data conversion.

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