Saturday, April 29, 2006

First crack at fixing the stylesheet

Well it looks a bit better but I still can't stand to look at the header and there is still a white space at the top of the page. Just noticed that the inter-paragraph spacing is a little too much. Add that to the list.

Editing this style sheet is a pain because I am not familiar with the document yet. A few more passes and that will be solved. I would like to see the header simpler and less intrusive. The simpler it is the more space there will be for lower resolution monitors to read the text.

For anyone interested: The background of this templates header is set by the Background color of the "H1" element to the #header class. The font for the blog text is set in the font size entry in the .blogEntry class. I have changed it from 100% to 80% to give the page a little more text. Later on I can experiment with using specific font sets. I still have to find a quick way to transfer the style changes to the web site without breaking the page. It would have been better had they used a separate stylesheet instead of the embedded one.

I am testing the edits with both Frontpage 2003 and Visual Web Developer 2005. They both have style editors but VWD won't edit an embedded stylesheet so I have to cut it out and save it as a CSS file.

Anyway I am getting good practice at this. I even downloaded some blog server starter software to see if I can build a better mousetrap.

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